Masturbation Monday

Posted by Exxotica under Mutual Masturbation, Naughty Stories on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

Occasionally my husband and I will designate a Monday as “Masturbation Day.” On this special day we both get off in public, usually several times for me. I just love it.

Last Monday was our most recent Masturbation Day. Gary drove me to work and we both wore clothing appropriate for the day. For me it was a long dress that buttons up the front with silky white panties and a see-through sheer bra. Gary wore loose fitting pants with a baggy sweater that would hang loose over his crotch. We have about a twenty-five minute drive to work. In the car, I started the fun by unbuttoning my dress to just above my panties. Gary watched as I began to rub my pussy through the sheer material. I normally get wet quickly; but in the car with others driving nearby, I was soaked almost immediately.

As Gary watched me get myself ready to cum he said, “Give me your panties.”

He loves to stoke himself with them and it’s a good place for him to shoot his cum and not get himself too messy. I raised my ass off the car seat and pulled them off.

Gary pulled up his sweater and unzipped himself. He pulled out his cock and draped my panties over his shaft.

I reclined my seat, spread my legs and began to work on my clit with my right hand. Gary’s eyes flashed between the sight of me rubbing myself and his lap where his hand was now pumping his cock at a good pace. Yes, he did also watch the road.

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Different Strokes

Posted by Exxotica under Mutual Masturbation, Naughty Stories on Sunday Aug 28, 2011

My husband and I Iove to masturbate. It doesn’t matter whether we are alone or together, but our all time favorite is in public or semi-public places.

We always enjoy the local adult theater. Its a very powerful turn on for me. I know that at some point in the night I will have the opportunity to watch a stranger jacking off his well-lubricated cock and groaning upon the release of his cum.

As we entered the dark theater it was musty and smelled of sex. We made our way down the isle where I noticed one man seated on the end. I looked into his lap and saw that his pants were open and pulled down. His hand was wrapped around his cock and he was slowly stroking it. He made no effort to hide his erection or the fact that he was fully into his pleasure.

In the reflected light of the theater’s screen, I could see that his cock and fingers were slick with either pre-cum of some other type of lubricant. I paused to stare and the man locked eyes with me as he pumped his cock a little faster. I would have stayed to watch the inevitable outpouring of his cum but I was eager to find a seat.

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